New publication

T. B. Mrohs, O. Weichold Multivalent Allylammonium-Based Cross-Linkers for the Synthesis of Homogeneous, Highly Swelling Diallyldimethylammonium Chloride Hydrogels Gels 2022, 8, 100 (open access)

New doctoral student

Since January, Nils Münstermann has been supporting the research group in the area of bio-based building materials and is developing swellable chitosan derivatives for concrete and agricultural applications.

Lecture announcement

O. Weichold Alkaline hydrogels – multifunctional materials for concrete rehabilitation – International Congress on Polymers in Concrete (IPCIC 2022) VERSCHOBEN AUF 2023

Lecture announcement

O. Weichold Highly Alkaline Hydrogels - the Swiss Army Knives of Repair NuBau - 5th Conference User-Oriented Building Rehabilitation, Weimar. POSTPONED UNTIL 2023