Current information

The exams on 01.04.20 are offered online, see RWTHMoodle

 Info on exams:

Wearing a smartwatch during exams is not allowed.

Calculators are allowed for the exams.

The memory of the calculator must be empty at the beginning of the exam. We reserve the right to randomly check this during the exam. In case of violations, the exam may be considered an attempt to cheat.

Further important information for students,

In yesterday's special meeting of the deans of studies and the chairpersons of the examination boards, it was jointly decided to enact the following rules for RWTH as a consequence of the current pandemic development:

From next Monday (29th March 2020) until Pentecost (23rd May 2020), there will always be

no examinations, no oral examinations, no examinations and no lectures in presence.

Examination dates should not be postponed any further in order to give all participants planning security. From this point on, no more face-to-face examinations are to be offered in parallel with distance examinations. Attendance examinations can only take place again when the pandemic development allows this. All authorisations for (parallel as well as exclusive) attendance examinations are revoked. Students who cannot take a distance learning examination for medical reasons can apply to the Examination Board for a hardship case for an examination in presence. Other reasons for a hardship case are excluded due to the current pandemic. Hardship applications for a distance examination before the actual examination date are still possible.

If you have already decided against a distance examination and in favour of an attendance examination, the examiners should give you the opportunity to take the distance examination, as the requirements have changed.

In order to better distribute the load during the lecture period, the ITC has set up an additional temporary Moodle instance to conduct take-home exams from the start of lectures. In addition, the functionalities of Dynexite have been extended at short notice to include an upload for use with distance examinations. Please be prepared for changes in the layout in good time.

Laboratory practicals in presence with the corresponding hygiene concepts can be carried out after approval by the crisis team. Excursions cannot take place until further notice.

Should the Corona Protection Ordinance provide for changes, we will have to adapt the regulations accordingly.

The situation is difficult for all of us. We hope that with this decision we have found a balance between planning security and the protection needs of all concerned. By conducting the examinations at a distance, we are making ourselves a bit independent of the virus. Stay healthy.