Measuring technology

Measuring technology

Sensors for permanent use in concrete


Sensor consisting of 8 stainless steel rings insulated from each other, for determining depth-dependent moisture profiles. 

Anode ladder

System consisting of several individual sensors (rungs), which are installed between the concrete surface and the reinforcement in order to continuously monitor the advance of the depassivation front.

Supplementary cathodes

Metal electrodes made of precious metal, which are subsequently installed in the component with the aid of a coupling mortar and are used to check the repassivation of a repaired area.

Pt 1000

Temperature sensor with 1000 Ohm resistance at 0°C.


Sensors for structural diagnostic investigations

Wenner probe

Sensor for non-destructive measurement of the specific electrical resistance of concrete.

Hand-held measuring devices


Hand measuring device 6; Anode ladder-Measurement technic; Measuring instrument which is used in combination with anode conductors or MRE to monitor the progress of corrosion. The HMG 6 can also be used stationary as a data logger.



Wenner probe handheld meter.


Handheld measuring device Multiplexer, which offers the possibility to connect and control different sensors at the same time.


Stationary measuring chains


Multiring-Sensorelektronic; Measuring method for determining resistance by measuring currents at a given sinusoidal voltage (108Hz, 2Vpp, measurement against cathode).


Voltage-current measuring electronics (voltage: +/- 2V, current: 2mA - 200mA).



Voltage distributor and measuring device for current and voltage measurement of the RCM experiment (Rapid Chloride Migration). RCM: Experiment to determine the chloride migration coefficient.


TME 2 / Pt1000

Measurement of currents at a given voltage to determine resistance or temperature.



Interface converter whose power supply is ensured by the PC.


Datalogger USB

Datalogger in which the data is stored locally on a USB stick.



Data from the measurement technology is read out and stored on a USB stick with its own power supply (battery).



Ethernet interface converter to which access via network is possible.



Data logger in which the data is read out via the mobile phone network.



Data logger where the data is read out via the internet, e.g. daily sending of data via e-mail.



Data transfer

Software by means of which the daily log files generated by the respective measuring devices or data loggers can be read out and stored locally.

Acquisition software

Software by means of which the daily log files generated by the respective measuring devices or data loggers can be summarised for further processing.


EXCEL data import

Plugin for Microsoft EXCEL to facilitate the import of the summarised log files for further processing and evaluation.