Material testing

Material testing

As an internationally active research and testing institute in the field of materials in construction, we offer a wide range of standardised or also individually developed innovative testing services for special problems. For personal advice, please contact our staff or, in special cases, the professors directly.

Our services include among others:

Mechanical test methods

We have various servo-mechanical as well as hydraulic testing machines at our disposal for investigating the mechanical properties of materials. The range of services includes:

  • Force 10 kN to 10 MN
  • Temperature range -20 to +1200 °C
  • Aramis optical deformation measuring system (resolution 0.001 mm)
  • Frequency-dependent and continuous load test

We would be happy to develop customised testing solutions together with you.


Environmental simulation

The durability of building materials is a decisive criterion as a result of the ever longer usage requirements for buildings. We have various chambers available for environmental simulation:

  • Temperature range -40 to 100 °C, 0 to 100 rel. humidity
  • Walk-in temperature chambers
  • UV irradiation, sprinkling
  • Frost/thaw storage, thundershower, thermal shock
  • Automated change cycles

We would be happy to develop customised weathering concepts together with you.


Physical/chemical analysis

We have various physical/chemical analysis methods at our disposal. Due to the newly created professorship for structural polymer composites in 2014, our possibilities in the field of physical/chemical analysis are constantly expanding:

  • Single-sided NMR measurement technique for the non-destructive determination of water content and porosity as well as the time and depth-dependent tracking of transport processes in porous materials with maximum measurement depths of 5 and 25 mm
  • Viscometry
  • Pot life according to DIN EN ISO 9514
  • Breuckmann 3D scanner for the measurement of surfaces

You can find further procedures in the section Chemical analytics

As a research institute of RWTH Aachen University, we also have access to a wide range of other physical/chemical measurement methods. We would be happy to support you in developing an individual test programme for your problem.


Electrochemical test methods

As one of the world's leading institutes in the field of reinforcing steel corrosion, we have a wide range of laboratory testing methods at our disposal for testing and researching corrosion, its influencing variables and procedures for protection against corrosion.

  • Gamry multichannel potentiostat for measuring potentials and impedances
  • Equipment for RCM (Rapid Chloride Migration) testing of porous building materials
  • Examination of KKS systems (KKS basic test)
  • Humidity resistance calibration and sorption isotherms

We are happy to help you solve your corrosion problems.


Investigations according to WTA data sheets

As a testing institute recognised by the WTA, we carry out tests in accordance with WTA Leaflet 4 10 - "Injection methods with certified injection materials against capillary moisture transport".