T. Juraschek, O. Weichold
6th International Conference on Concrete Repair (Concrete Solutions), Thessaloniki, 2017, S. 207–211.

In-situ methods of detecting steel corrosion using permanent and non-electronic systems

ABSTRACT: Current systems for detecting corrosion of the reinforcement in concrete are realized via highly specialized systems that are commercially not available. Thus, these systems require complete technical support by the installing company. This report shows a cheap, efficient, independent, and reliable method to detect corrosion events in concrete. The detection system is based on an electrochromic device, which changes its colour upon the change of electrochemical potential caused by the corrosion process. The device is realized by a layer-by-layer setup of a transparent electrode, e. g. indium-doped tin oxide (ITO), followed by an electrochromic layer. The system is closed by a metal counter electrode. The electrochromic layer can consist of an electrochromic compound in a conducting polymer system. By connecting such elements to a series of sensors, e. g. an anode ladder, it is possible to monitor the corrosion progress and to verify the service life design of a structure.