Meeting of the GDCh Division of Construction Chemistry

From 30th September to 2nd October 2019, the annual conference of the GDCh Construction Chemistry Division took place at the Eurogress in Aachen. As always, the 150 participants, the conference provided an excellent opportunity for the exchange between researchers from academia and industry.

From of the 40 or so papers submitted, 21 presentations were selected from the Sustainable Chemistry", "Corrosion and Durability", "Polymeric Materials", "New Binders" and "Special Building Materials". were selected. Three plenary lectures presented current issues in research in the field of research in building chemistry. Prof. Dr. Michael Raupach (RWTH Aachen) reported on "Challenges for the building materials of tomorrow". Prof. Nikol Žižkova (University of Brno) on "Possibilities of using by-products to reduce using by-products to reduce CO2 emissions during the production of polymer-modified mortars" and Dr. Ena Lloret-Fritschi (ETH Zurich) on the the "Digital fabrication house and challenges of smart dynamic casting in 1:1 production".