C. Morales Cruz, Oliver Weichold, H.-J. Kocks
Concrete 2019, 5, 162–167.

FOULPROTECT - on the problem of fouling in seawater structures

ABSTRACT: As part of the joint project FOULPROTECT "Protection against fouling and prevention of biocorrosion in maritime technology", a mineral coating with increased mechanical resistance for steel structures in seawater was developed at the Institute for Construction Research at RWTH Aachen University (ibac) in cooperation with the companies Salzgitter Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH (SMLP) and LimnoMar. The suitability of various commercially available factory dry mortars as protective coatings was tested using the example of steel pipes for foundation structures of offshore wind turbines. For this purpose, the fresh and hardened mortar characteristics were determined and durability tests were carried out in laboratory tests under real conditions (air and seawater storage). Growth (biofouling) on the mortar coating during seawater storage could not be prevented in any of the materials tested, but fluorescence microscopic examinations showed neither micro- nor macro-colonisation below the mortar surface. Significant differences in the number of cracks in the aged samples were found between the individual materials. Taking all investigations into account, high-strength mortar mixtures show the greatest potential to permanently withstand abrasive impacts and internal blast pressures.