T. Juraschek, O. Weichold
Concrete 2019, 5, 168–171.

Electrochromy for the visualisation of small amounts of electricity

ABSTRACT: A disadvantage of current corrosion monitoring systems is the availability of suitable readout devices to predict the service life of the monitored structures. On-site, maintenance-free and easy-to-read units would be readable units would be advantageous for use. Against this background, a component has been developed that is capable of reading small visualise small amounts of current on the basis of electrochromics. The aim is is to detect corrosion currents and to display them visually. visual representation. The article describes the structure of the component, its electrochemical electrochemical characterisation and the visualisation of corrosion corrosion currents under laboratory conditions and on real corroding reinforced reinforced concrete test specimens.