Christmas greeting 2020

Dear ibac'er,
Dear guests,

this year we unfortunately have to do without an institute party before Christmas and the start of the New Year.
However, we do not want to refrain from thanking you very much for your successful work in this special year 2020!

The special circumstances have led us to reorganise a lot of things:
Room allocation was adjusted spontaneously, lectures were revised and switched to virtual, meetings held by video conference.
In the process, we discovered that many things can also be dealt with without time-consuming business trips.
We have succeeded in mastering all of these challenges pragmatically and in a goal-oriented manner and in meeting the numerous tasks in research, teaching
and material testing at the usual high level of quality.

For next year, we hope that by summer at the latest, we will be able to make up for much that was not possible:
The proper celebration of Mr Raupach's and Mr Weichold's round birthdays and, of course, Mr Matschei's hearty debut,
Ms Morales' doctorate, and much more.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happiness, fun, success and above all good health for the coming year!
With best regards

Michael Raupach, Thomas Matschei, Oliver Weichold and Anja Vollpracht